Annual Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and
Engineering Methods in Computer Science
organized jointly by the Masaryk University
and the Brno University of Technology, Czechia
October 26—28, 2007    Prestige Hotel    Znojmo    Czechia

Saturday, October 27, 2007
Green Lounge
9:00-10:00Ian Taylor (Invited Talk)
Distributed Crossroads: Where P2P, Web Services and Workflow Meet
10:00-10:20M. Kuba, D. Kouřil, and M. Procházka (Presentation)
Sealed Grid with Downloadable Services
10:25-10:55Coffee Break
Green LoungeAttic Classroom
10:55-12:25J. Krajíček, R. Lukáš, and A. Meduna
Homogeneous Multicontinuous Grammars and Their Reduction
M. Bozga, R. Iosif, and V. Sfyrla
Optimum Paths in Weighted Graphs
Z. Křivka, A. Meduna, and J. Smrček
n-Right-Linear #-Rewriting Systems
R. Královič and T. Mömke
Hardness of the Traveling Salesman Reoptimization
T. Masopust
Generalized Forbidding Grammars with Linear Productions
M. Mati
Fast RNA Family Search
J. Techet
Scattered Context Grammars...
J. Uramová, M. Klimo, and K. Bachratá
Information Model of Network Throughput
S. Turaev
Petri Net Controlled Grammars
D. Novák
Image Similarity Search: Theory and Practice
O. Peterka, O. Ryšavý, V. Lorenc, M. Osovský, and L. Škarvada
Can Objects Have Dependent Types?
J. Šupol
Parallel Pattern Matching Using Bit-vectors
Green Lounge
14:00-15:00Bernhard Steffen (Invited Talk)
Behavioral Model Construction
15:00-16:15P. Švenda
Secrecy Amplification Protocols
D. Klusáček, L. Matyska, and H. Rudová
Local Search for Deadline Driven Grid Scheduling
T. Rebok
DiProNN Programming Model
L. Boháč
Equivalence of Programmable Quantum Processors
T. Takahashi, H. Imai, S. Moriyama, and D. Avis
Quantum Correlation and Semidefinite Relaxation
16:15-16:45Coffee Break
16:45-17:10T. Brázdil and V. Forejt (Presentation)
Strategy Synthesis for Markov Decision Processes and Branching-Time Logics
17:10-17:35M. Bulinska (Presentation)
Some Results on Generative Capacity and Computational Complexity of Lambek Calculus with Assumptions
17:35-18:00J. Sedmidubský (Presentation)
Querying Similarity in Metric Social Networks
19:30Dinner, Standing Party, Minorit Monastery

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